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April 20, 2006

Half year holidays

tractor in shed001.jpg
The spades, forks and hoes rest on their wall hooks beside the Massey Ferguson 4x4 tractor for the next couple of weeks.
The sound of heavy shed doors sliding on metal coasters in a steel channel announces every day’s activity here. The opening of the equipment shed usually happens at half past seven in the morning.
During Easter, the doors remained closed. They stayed shut on Tuesday, yesterday and today. They’ll remain shut for the next 10 days as nearly everyone here takes a fortnight break after Easter.
While the humans rise later and make extended visits to friends, the raptor birds still circle the valley and water continues to run from the springs. Deep in the soil, among the broken shale rocks, roots spurt with pre-winter growth, in preparation for the spring ahead and yet another crop of grapes.

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