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May 31, 2006

The Apprentice Meets Stormhoek

The Donald

Our Man Sean

Monday night was the penultimate airing of this season's The Apprentice. Miami Resident, Sean Yazbeck has been competing all season to be chosen as The Apprentice and all other contenders have been fired other than Lee.

Sean thought it would be cool to combine a viewing party for this episode with a bit of Stormhoek-y goodness, some sushi and a bit of Clicquot.

About thirty of Sean's closest friends with a few folks who were still hanging around from Saturday night, reassembled for the anxiety filled hour.

We got to vote.

Who did Sean vote for?


The Sushi from Shoji was great, Clicquot was cold and the Stormhoek was in short supply, due to the enthusiastic consumption on Saturday. Anyone who wanted, of course, got one of Hugh's limited edition prints.

Next Monday is the final episode, filmed live from Los Angeles. Good luck Sean. By the way, The Donald is looking for guidance from the audience. You can vote for Sean here.

Everyone at Stormhoek will be voting for Our Man Sean.

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Blingy Geeks in South Beach Get Hoeked


We' ve been a little slow in posting about all of the US dinners and as we get pics and comments back, we'll post about them. Miami came alive for Stormhoek this weekend with two events.


Saturday night Laura hosted a Stormhoek White Party for about fifty of her closest friends.


The group got together, thirty floors up for the views and booze and heard about the vineyard, 'social lubricants' and everyone got one of Hugh's limited edition prints and blogging as marketing disruption brochures.

It seemed that Shiraz and Sauvignon were the favorites, but by the time the night was over, I don't think that anyone actually minded as long as it was wet.

We've already received about two hundred pics from the evening and we'll be posting them up on Flickr over the coming days.


The Hostess with the Mostest

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May 24, 2006

Stormhoek—The Viagra of the Wine Industry?


Kim Maxwell has written an article about Stormhoek on the preeminent South African Wine Website wine.co.za. We were aghast when we read that she called Stormhoek the "Viagra" of the wine business.

We work too hard crafting each hand-blown bottle from imported Madagascar silica, painstakingly cultivating every vine on our 900 year old estate with nothing but a pair of nailclippers, to be referred to in such flippant and disrespectful terms.

Our beautiful maidens, who gently press each and every one of our precious grapes individually between their thighs, will shudder in fury when they hear this outrage.

This is blasphemy, I tell you! Utter blasphemy!

[And we thought we were the Kool-Aid of the wine business.]

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And the Winner Is

Stormhoek disruption.jpg

The High Five-ing, back slapping, mutual admiration and hangovers are finally waning. The office is getting back to normal. During the London Wine Trade Fair last week, Drinks Business Magazine awarded Stormhoek "Best Consumer Campaign" for our on-line work.

Of course, we were really honored to have received the award, which Nick and Hugh graciously accepted on our behalf. The fun bit is that the short list was comprised of companies like Pernod Ricard who were nominated for their E 40 million Chivas Brothers campaign.

We thought we spent about 300 pounds on our campaign, but I recalculated it today and my number is now somewhere around $288.53. Oh, behold the power of the bloggosphere :) Thanks to all of our blogging friends who made it real.

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May 18, 2006

Three eyes dog team

Thor and his best mate Koopie (on top)
We have two dogs, who have three eyes between them.
They work as a team.
Thor is a 70kg Great Dane who likes to rest a lot and spends the majority of his life in a horizontal position.
This suits Koopie, the 5kg Jack Russell, as she prefers the warmth and comfort of his body to the concrete floor, even if he twitches and jerks about as he dreams.
It also gives her a vantage point to listen for noises in the night.
With only one eye, she depends on her ears to do her dog job.
Like most dogs, she was born with 2 eyes, but she cannot resist stimulating Poppie the Percheron into galloping flight and the 1/2 ton horse packs a wallop with both fore and off hind feet.
Koopie retired from one of these encounters with a bloody face and just one functioning eye.

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or the puppy gets it


[Click on image to enlarge/download/print etc. Licensing terms here etc.]

Over the last couple of days I've posted a dozen or so so wine-biz-related new cartoons over at Wine Fair Live. Check 'em out.

Trade shows are exhausting. I am completely exhausted.

Tomorrow I'm sleeping till noon. Exactly.

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stormhoek gets a gong

[I'm blogging this from the London International Wine & Spirt Fair, representing Stormhoek, which is why I've been so quiet lately: it's been a ton of work etc.]

Stormhoek has just won a major trade award: The Drinks Business' "Best Consumer Campaign 2006".

[NB: "Gong" is Britspeak for medal or award.]

Apparently the guy giving out the award said, "For their daring, vision and unprecedented results..."

The Drinks Business is one of the major UK wine & spirits trade mags.

Rock on.


UPDATE: Here's the makeshift blog we made for the event attendees. It's actually gotten a lot more use and interactivity than I predicted.

UPDATE: It's the eternal conflict: the need to find and post good content, versus the mundane reality of what we've come here for i.e. looking after customers.

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May 8, 2006

It' Official

The last week has been pretty busy. Kami Huyse in San Antonio kicked off the 100 dinners in 100 nights Stormhoek launch on Tuesday. Both Kami and Alan Weinkrantz posted about the launch. Kami also posted a nice podcast from the get together. It looked to be a working lunch with fellow marketing and public relations people, but many of them had never met before and came together around Stormhoek --- which is what is really is all about.

Speaking of podcasts, Hugh and I did a half hour interview over Skype (Hugh in Cumbria and me in London) with Tim Elliott of winecast.com. Tim is one of only about ten wine geeks who have signed up and is sponsoring a dinner, in Minneapolis later in the month. The podcast will be up soon and Tim has promised a very dispassionate and direct review of the wine.

Bay Area Geeks (Gonna Go)Crazy?

Kai Peter Chang is advertising for a spokesmodel/ actress to MC his event next week. As I read it, it looks like he's going to have about 130 people for his SF bay area event. I am sure that our model-blogging Anina would happily fly in from Finland where she is currently doing a gig for Nokia as part of her very cool 360Fashion Network.


Stormhoek’s debut in Paris.

On the opposite side of the globe, Susie Hollands of Ivy Paris ran a really cool art show at La Chapelle Saint Louis de la Salpêtrière Thursday evening. We collaborated with Paris based American Surrealist Matthew Rose, who did an amazing collage which he produced as a label sized limited edition and applied to Stormhoek bottles at the event. Thanks to Susie for including us in your uber-cool show.

Finally, Jathan MacKenzie did a nice post about his number 3 out of the 100 dinners and seemed to agree that while other Pinotage that he has had, were not so hot- he liked his Stormhoek. Thanks Jathan.

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May 1, 2006


Welcome to the blogosphere.jpg

The third week of May is the annual London International Wine and Spirits Trade Fair (LIWSF), (a trade only event) held at Excel, just east of Canary Wharf. It’s a big fair with 1200 exhibitors and many thousands of producers, importers, wholesalers, restaurateurs and retailers attending from around the globe.


This year, Stormhoek in cooperation with Brintex, the fair organizers, will be doing real time, live blogging including audio and video podcasting from the LIWSF. All will be posted on www.winefairlive.com and fed live throughout the event on 20 plasma screens. The posts and podcasts will remain up for for the next year.

Anyone who attends the Fair can come blog at our stand and we encourage any UK bloggers who might want to visit with us and blog from the event, to just drop us an email.

We hope that for the Fair organizers, they will benefit from real time feed back about the event and for all of the exhibitors, it will be a new way for them to talk about their products.

Oh, and Hugh will be creating and uploading cartoons from our stand, which of course, will make it all worth while:)

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