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June 15, 2006

Sir Cliff Tells Gordon Ramsay To F-Off!


Having been asked to take part in a “blind” wine tasting for the new series of the cooking show, The F-Word on Channel 4, Sir Cliff Richard was caught out by host, Gordon Ramsay, and openly rubbished his own, high profile, “celebrity” wine, Vida Nova. Read the whole article here.

Sir Cliff Richard started making wine at his holiday home near Gaia in the Algarve region of Portugal some years ago. An odd decision, as vine growing and wine making in that neck of the woods are damn difficult.

The sandy soils, relentless Atlantic Ocean breezes and searing summer temperatures are not good bed-fellows for the vineyard owner and wine maker.

Perhaps he thought people would buy the wine anyway because of his involvement. Tesco's thought so, because they snaffled up the first wine in 2001.

This was actually made to the north in the Alentejo region, and a fair bit of wine from this area was added to the final blend.

As the wines are now made on site, maybe the only additions are a bit of sugar to soften the raw, acidic edges normally associated with red wines from the Algarve. Although not enough by all accounts, because, as we are told: Since the first vintage, Vida Nova has conformed to type, i.e. “Tastes like vinaigrette” according to the owner”.

Pass the salad then.

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