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July 20, 2006

An off the Hoek Bloomsday


As part of the 100 dinners recently in Illinois, Mayo Pants - aka Brett Stuckel - graciously risked his family heirloom oriental rug in the name of Stormhoek to host a dinner for people in Chicago with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which was nice of him.

Just to be sure we had it right, we googled Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Apparently it’s a condition caused by 'repetitive and forceful movements of the hand and wrist during work or leisure activities'. Hmm sounds painful. Are you sure that's mayo on your pants Brett? ;-) Apparently the party was off the Hoek. Sounded cool.

Hope the rug was ok...

Posted by Jason at July 20, 2006 4:53 PM

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Yup, this is what I get for not sending an "official report." I'll try to ungarble your deductions... This wasn't any sort of ailment fundraiser, and everyone seemed healthy with not a syndrome in sight. I thought the appeal to CTS would pull in a blogger or two with overworked keyboard muscles. Mustard is what you're more likely to find on my pants, at last count there were 5 kinds in the fridge and I just got 2 more for my birthday. Mayopants is a technique used in Pennsylvania Dutch kickboxing. And the rug lives on...

Posted by: Brett at July 25, 2006 4:52 PM

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