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August 2, 2006

For Flux sake, do we really need another MySpace?


We’re big fans of social software, but wonder whether youth social networks such as the new MTV site, flux.com, will really last the test of time.

Flux is MTV’s way of reinjecting life into the 25 year old brand; a social networking site that combines a website and TV channel with user-chosen music videos, & messaging from mobile phones and communications using and Avatar.

But initial feedback isn’t overwhelming. Although the popularity of youth-target sites such as MySpace may seem in line with MTV’s market, is the appeal of this new site really engaging and different enough for them to establish a credible share in the marketspace? The idea of combining a website and TV channel sounds intriguing, but if their respective audiences are quite different, will it be sustainable?

What interests us most about this latest launch - combined with the recent axing of ‘Top of the Tops,’ the long-running chart TV show in the UK - is

If MTV, which redefined pop culture during the 80's, feels it’s struggling to keep with the times, what the heck does that say about the archaic wine industry... wine messages and overall communication tactics haven't changed in generations.

WIll the wine business ever progress? Or, will the strategy of Heads buried in reinforced concrete prevail?

Posted by Jason at August 2, 2006 3:45 PM

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sadly, due to the horrid interface that myspace is it will not be hard to eat a huge portion of their market share in this area. mtv has the advantage of a large audience of younger viewers. (is it presumptuous of me to assume that only teenagers still watch that channel?) but im not sure the old apple philosophy of get into their minds while they are young will work for the internet. i know that my application use and browsing happens trange drastically in as little as 6 months.

this would be an interesting study. is there such a thing as brand loyalty online?

If mtv was smart they'd turn mtv into current.tv with vj's selected from the videos that users of flux submit of themselves introducing the desired track list. (much like muchmusictvusa used to do)

another interesting thought... myspace and flux could die tomorrow and few would miss it. whereas youtube could never die because people would miss it too much. why is that? content. whereas myspace and flux only provide a medium of social interaction youtube actually has something more tangible which itself has become embedded into other mediums creating a reliance that will keep it alive forever.

my 2c

Posted by: cyphunk at August 6, 2006 5:38 AM

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