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February 11, 2007



At Stormhoek, we're all big believers of "Change the World or Go Home".

The Blue Monster, one of Hugh's brainy ideas, has made it on to T-shirts for a Tech conference. Cool... If you want to download the original Blue Monster to print on your own T-shirt, go to this link.

Microsoft's James O'Neill explains his take on it::

If you look at Microsoft's Values you find "Taking on big challenges and seeing them through.". The PC - the Windows PC - has changed the world. So now what. Stop ? Or find ways to change the world again ? If we're not prepared to do that what are we doing here ? So Change the world or go home is part mission statement, part call to arms,

Hugh's take on The Blue Monster:

"I chose the Monster image simply because I always thought there is something wonderfully demonic about wanting to change the world. It can be a force for the good, of course, if used wisely. It's certainly a very loaded part of the human condition, but I suppose that's what makes it compelling.

The headline works on a lot of different levels:

Microsoft telling its potential customers to change the world or go home.
Microsoft telling its employees to change the world or go home.
Microsoft employees telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
Everybody else telling Microsoft to change the world or go home.
Everyone else telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
And so forth.

A favourite cartoon of mine :0)

"Big Love",


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