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April 20, 2007

Tagline Feedback Requested!


We're having an internal discussion at Stormhoek, about what the final tagline on the front label of our new "Couture Rose" should be. The main take-out is that we want to communicate in a fun, funky way that this rose tastes BEST with ice ('cos it does!). Expressed in as few words as possible. Here's our shortlist:

1. Magic over ice
2. So nice with ice
3. Pour over ice
4. Nice over ice
5. Happiest over ice
6. Best over Ice

Some of Hugh's readers have recommended the following (some of my favourites so far...)

1. Accessorize with Ice
2. Ice. Drink. Repeat
3. Made for Ice
4. Best served over Ice
5. The New Ice Age
6. Twice as nice with Ice

Anybody have any ideas? All opinions and different suggestions gratefully received.

Catherine x

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April 19, 2007

rosé on ice, anyone?


Stormhoek has a new wine out. From wine.co.za:

South African brand Stormhoek this week announced the imminent release of a concept wine in the UK named Couture – a Rosé made by Stormhoek winemaker Graham Knox, in a style intended to be consumed with ice.

[...] Knox credits his wife Dianne for the idea: “I’ve watched my wife drink Rosé for years and the one thing she’s always complained about, was that it tasted watered down when she put ice in it, so I made Couture especially for her!”

“The ongoing popularity of Rosé, the success of Magners Cider ‘over ice’ and a survey we conducted in South Africa, gave us the idea to take Graham’s ‘secret’ and develop it,” says Jason Korman, CEO of Stormhoek Vineyards. “You can serve it many different ways, on ice and even as a mixer - we see it as part of a trend where Rosé can be consumed like a cocktail, making it an even more sophisticated drink.”

What's interesting to me is, this is the first wine that I am aware of that has been specifically made to taste better with ice. That's the secret sauce. That, and the fact that Graham Knox, our head winemaker likes to tinker around.

Ice? In wine??!! The purists will all be having heart attacks, of course. Whatever. We just wanted to do something fun and sexy. Conventional wine brands are generally neither. So we had to ditch convention.

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April 11, 2007

Is Tap Water back in Fashion?!


It seems that the San Francisco Bay Area is making tap water fashionable again. For an increasing number of restaurants along the sunny coastline, bottled water has become an outcast and is being replaced by filtered tap water, or being fizzed up by a soda-fountain-style, carbonating machine.

It's really about the profitability of bottled water for most restaurants, but for the select few, moving "back" to tap water shows a concern about the effect on the environment. In addition, the costs of bottling, transporting water, the energy spent recycling the glass, and keeping plastic out of landfills, is another reason to go back to good ol' nature herself.

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April 9, 2007

Good luck - Glenfiddich Food and Drink Awards


I spotted that our good friend and Stormhoek supporter, Jamie Goode, has been shortlisted for Wine Writer of the Year in the Glenfiddich Food & Drink Awards. These awards recognise and encourage excellence in writing, publishing and broadcasting in the food and drink industry.

Well done for the shortlist nomination and i'll keep my eye out on the 14th May to see if you scoop the award! Best of luck...

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April 4, 2007

Tomorrow's (and Today's) Thinking...


Great book out by Howard Gardner, "Five Minds for the Future" and covered by an article in the Times Online today.

* The article discusses Gardener's theory, that in order to survive and be successful in the 21st century, we have to be able to think in certain cognitive ways in order to deal with the changing world and information technology and overload.

* Times UK today:"He identifies this priceless pentad as: the disciplined mind, schooled in basic subjects such as history, science and art but, crucially, a master of one profession, vocation or craft; the synthesising mind, which can make sense of disparate pieces of information (Gardner identifies this as a key trait of good managers and highlights its importance in the age of the internet); the creating mind, capable of asking new questions and finding imaginative answers; the respectful mind, which shows an appreciation of different cultures; and the ethical mind, which enables one to behave responsibly as a worker and citizen." He goes on to state that the last two are just as important as the others, due to the evolution of the human species and the fact that culture, money, information etc. cross all borders and are live for all to see on the internet and news.

* Our school educatory system should be reading this, adapting to change and helping kids prepare for the world of today/tomorrow. I and many others believe that one part of this, finance management, should be taught at school. Not only how to manage a bank account, but what a mortgage is, bills one incurs when you move into your own home, ISAs, credit cards and so on. This should be taught in increasing levels of detail from when we are young through to 16/18 yrs of age when we leave school.

There's so much to comment on and not enough space, so definately take the time to read the article online!

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April 2, 2007

"Drunken Doodles"


We love our cartoons at Stormhoek, especially the ones by Hugh Macleod.

The Telegraph today, states that a "drunken doodle", drawn on a wall by Picasso, has been bought for 250 000 pounds, by The Wellcome Trust, the UK's biggest medical charity.

Drawn in 1950, in crayon, on plaster, it represents the only "mural" Picasso produced in England.

The drawing, which according to The Wellcome Trust, symbolises "an unusual meeting of great scientific and artistic minds", will be put on display as part of the Wellcome Collection, a 30 million pound venue exploring the connections between medicine, life and art.

The Collection goes "live" in London, in June 2007.

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