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Back up the truck!

We know the numbers and sometimes we just shake our heads and wonder, ‘how do they do it’?

For ten days from 30 November until 10 December Threshers will be running a 40% off sale at their stores. The sale won’t be advertised and they are not promoting it at all, even in the store.

That means 40% off Stormhoek and all of the other wines and Champagne in the store.

You’ll need a coupon. Download it here [PDF file].

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  1. Reno Muse

    I am elated to be able to buy Stormhoek here in Reno, Nevada at World Market: Cost Plus store. Thanks so much for delivering your product to us crazy Americans! Love it, love it!

  2. Thanks Reno, I understand Cost Plus has been really supportive. Tell your friends;-).BTW- Which store do you buy it at?

  3. This looks like a great deal!

    - Scott

  4. Miles

    that is brilliant, thanks guys!

  5. Keith

    I dont seem to be able to download the Thresher voucher.

  6. This wine is cheaper than the cost of going to France and filling your boot with wine. At least it keeps the money in old blighty and boosts our economy.
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  7. Greg

    I’m sure you may have noticed an increase in visits to the site - the Threshers voucher has spread like wildfire! It’s on the BBC news site here

    which also gives a link to this site.

    Thanks guys!

  8. This has now been picked up by the BBC news site. An incredible piece of viral marketing - well done guys!

  9. The BBC has just run a story about the voucher - if there’s one way to drive traffic, you guys certainly seem to have found it.

    What’s the current download count looking like?

  10. Great news and fantastic offer!
    We’ve add it to our discount codes site -

  11. Genius. A web private sale that seems to have gone bigger than could have been imagined (unless by the far sighted souls who came up with this idea!). Amazing - I’ve got the vouchers sent to me by peers as well!

  12. Diddly

    How do you know which stores are participating - all those in the Thresher Group or only some areas in the country?

  13. Thanks everyone, we’re going to post the BBC News and Radio clips.

    Diddy, Offer available at all Thresher Stores.

  14. big eddie

    yes people this works, just back, and what a saving. many thanks

  15. Zaine

    The download in both formats it does not load isn’t working - why?



  16. Clive

    Is going all over the internet and TV, just saw it on the news and it is in some of the papers:

    This is Money

  17. Amazing: 800,000 downloads of your offer.

    Was it planned or was it intentional? Whatever the aims it is ne of the best campaign results I have heard of.

    It is even on the BBC

  18. This voucher has even been posted on one of the UK’s BIGGEST cashback sites!!

  19. Amazing story, congratulations for being tagged as the incubator of the Thresher virus.

  20. Rob

    Brilliant story, everyone has picked up on it, I got wind of it here

  21. Ward

    Whats so clever or viral about a 40% off coupon? I don’t get it. Looks pretty straightforward to me.

  22. Agreed, it was neither clever nor viral.

  23. Fantastic marketing campaign…it began as “The Secret Sale” which only the privelaged few could have, and then all of a sudden, it is leaked onto the ‘net and downloaded a million times? The profits that Thresher are going to make this weekend are going to be astronomical…well done Thresher!!

  24. As a statician, I’ve always been told by my teachers to doubt numbers whenever I saw them.

  25. Johnny

    SO nice you know this stroy so great. I like it.Althought I am a student of a college in ShangHai.But I always like wine in my life.I am look forward to know New friends with wine.



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