At Stormhoek, we’re all big believers of “Change the World or Go Home”.

The Blue Monster, one of Hugh’s brainy ideas, has made it on to T-shirts for a Tech conference. Cool… If you want to download the original Blue Monster to print on your own T-shirt, go to this link.

Microsoft’s James O’Neill explains his take on it::

If you look at Microsoft’s Values you find “Taking on big challenges and seeing them through.”. The PC - the Windows PC - has changed the world. So now what. Stop ? Or find ways to change the world again ? If we’re not prepared to do that what are we doing here ? So Change the world or go home is part mission statement, part call to arms,

Hugh’s take on The Blue Monster:

“I chose the Monster image simply because I always thought there is something wonderfully demonic about wanting to change the world. It can be a force for the good, of course, if used wisely. It’s certainly a very loaded part of the human condition, but I suppose that’s what makes it compelling.

The headline works on a lot of different levels:

Microsoft telling its potential customers to change the world or go home.
Microsoft telling its employees to change the world or go home.
Microsoft employees telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
Everybody else telling Microsoft to change the world or go home.
Everyone else telling their colleagues to change the world or go home.
And so forth.

A favourite cartoon of mine :0)

“Big Love”,


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  1. Hi Stormhoek Family,

    Last october I discovered your Stormhoek rosé at our local Albert Heijn supermarket in Hilversum, The Netherlands and had great fun, offering it to some dear friends backside label up ! They we’re all flabbergasted and agreed fully on your stormhoek vision: Change the world or go home.
    I decided, being a careercoach, to surprise some of my clients with a bottle: This is the perfect wake-up call ! Let’s celebrate life, for this is the only chance we get this time to be passionate, to dream big, to be spontaneous, to love. Thanx for the fun and indeed, Stormhoek produces “seriously good wine” !
    I wish you all a joyous and happy 2009 !

    PS New website (under construction; launch end 01-2009) will get a link to your website and show picture of your backside label.

  2. pim van den berg

    I like the slogan on your bottles but in 1984 already I decided for Apple instead of MS and still don’t regret….

  3. Richard Hannigan

    Hi, I’ve just picked up a bottle of Stormhoek and read the label. “Change the world or go home” strikes a chord. Its what I try to do! Your image prompted me to Google you. Rare… well done.

  4. NigelG

    Why not improve the message by changing “change” to “improve”?
    “Improve the world or go home”
    Why? Well tearing down a rainforest is changing the world but hardly improving it.

  5. loving this- finding it a bit late, me thinks.

    just finished a year-long grad program at Antioch in Seattle, and, painted over a doorway at the main entrance to the campus is a quote by the founder, Horace Mann - “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

    hmm. I think about innocents who come into the world for a very short time, and brighten it, know nothing of consumption, of judgment- the wisest of us all. Perhaps this is a victory - winning us over? it all sounds a bit dramatic. simple touches me more deeply.

    then I shrink back to my bluntness at 29, teaching privileged 4th graders - one whiner got my yet uncultured translation: “Daniel - bloom where you’re planted! Look up! It’s a new day - grab on. You never know when you’re going to get hit by a bus!” Perhaps karma that I was hit by a car several years later.

    long story short, have to feel that you have placed your eloquent finger on it. press on.

  6. Rachel

    Hi there
    I have seen a bottle, loved the label and would love to try the wine but can’t find it anywhere. Is it still sold in the UK?



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