Symbiotic Relationships


The symbiotic relationship between bloggers and journalists is an interesting one…

Over at theshowroom restaurant, in Cape Town, a similar relationship exists. Flamboyant Bruce Robertson, ex Advertising creative and former head chef at the exclusive Cape Grace Hotel, offers a “minimalist melbournesque décor and graphic presentation” style restaurant that is housed in a luxury car showroom - look right for the Lamborghinis and Porsches and left for a view of Table Mountain. The clientelle would most certainly be beneficial to both i would imagine.

Graham and I loved the all-white dining room dotted with Starck’s transparent ghost chairs.

372_1041_Showroom9.jpg />

Says Bruce:

“I really get a kick out of the visual thing, after all, you eat with your eyes first”

“Cooking a dish is never entirely new, it’s just how you put it together”

A sexy car evokes the same emotion, does it not?!


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