Couture launches with Threshers at Taste London Festival

The biggest drinks phenomenon of the Summer has hit the UK and South Africa. COUTURE {by Stormhoek} - a limited production world exclusive rosé crafted to taste better with ice and fruit has been launched exclusively by Threshers (UK) - 6.99 (Buy 3 for 2 and get Couture for 4.66 each).

Have a look at the video of our June launch in Regents Park at Taste London 2007. We were sited in the Thresher Wine Zone where we had a fully kitted out COUTURE BAR and loads of SWAG (stripy flip flops, t-shirts, caps, lollies, etc.). The launch was a huge success and we’re doing some more consumer shows towards the end of the year!!

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  1. You poor devils!!

    Launching a wine to be served with ice in one of the most miserable Julys on record, when sales of other hot weather items have plummeted.

    Perhaps you could plan to launch a wine next December intended to be served heated up a-la mulled wine in the hope we get an expected heat wave? :)
    BTW I was checking out a Threshers store yesterday and Couture was absent.

  2. Hi Peter

    Couture only goes full distribution in Threshers on the 15th August - you should be able to see it everywhere then… Appar the weather is changing for August - i’m seriously in need of some sunshine!!


  3. Esra Stidnab

    World Exclusive?

    I was in the pub last night and E&J Gallo had a big promotion onm in there serving rose with ice, complete with special oversize wine glasses!

  4. Hi Esra

    Gallo’s Rose is just their normal rose - which might perhaps ( i haven’t tried it with ice so can’t confirm what i am about to say) dilute with ice. Our Rose has been specifically made to taste better with ice… it’s got slightly higher acidity, we picked the fruit riper, it’s slightly sweeter and so on. Basically the way the wine has been made gives it a fruity, unique style that doesn’t dilute with ice as other rose wines do. We’ve just got total distribution across Thresher stores and there are tastings this weekend in Cobham Wine Rack - pop along and i can show you what i mean!

  5. dee

    i have just had my first experience couture rose from my local threshers, and it was amazing.unfortunately they have sold out and i want to know where i can get more………….please please help me.
    i am a red wine drinker(rioja being my fave) but the marketing posters were appealing to me and made me want to try it. it was very refreshing and left me wanting more.where and when can i get more???? dee

  6. couture craziness

    thoroughly enjoying the new pink! please dont limit it too much - is available from my local threshers and have never visted so much, great marketing too :)

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