This is Sound of the Subu… ‘Stormhoek’.

A little while back our inbox here at Orbital Wines received the following; ‘The Stormhoek Song’ and we blogged about it at the time. Now with the miracle of a little flash embedding you can listen to it on the site.

Rob Lane, aka Weekend Wino, hasn’t even had his Stormhoek dinner yet, but couldn’t resist trying some. He cracked open a bottle of Pinotage and it was, apparently, a hit. He loved the wine so much, he wrote a song about it! Genius.

We’re thinking it will become our official anthem. We may even try to release it. What do you think Rob, can you hear the Ka- Ching of the royalties… ?

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  1. ulla

    sounds great - but needs more / longer of a climax point - it sounds like a jingle if it doesn’t have a climax. There’s a lot of repetition, for such a short song so it can afford to lose some of that and replace it with the central climax.

  2. I tend to agree with Ulla to a point. I think it is absolutely brilliant - imagine your customers like your wines so much that they make a “song and dance” about it; I mean: who wouldn’t want that?

    After having listened, I believe the song should be shortened slightly - could very well be the song that you play when someone phones the office and is being put on hold. Luckily for you, it has a Caribean feel to it and has the kind of lyrics that sticks in your memory - immediately!

    Well Done!

  3. IheartSpringboks

    Great little song for a great wine!

  4. Definitely too long.Nice Jingle,but something more local to your area would be nice.Dying to try your wines.

  5. Loveley song, loveley wine!

  6. Denzil

    Lekker, I love the creativity of the Stormhoek marketing. Cant wait to taste the wine, wine, wine..

  7. Angie

    Great wine, love the song. Gr from Holland

  8. Tom

    its good but not as good as the wine..which i tried for the first time tonight..great flavour almost an experience!!

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