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South Africa’s fastest growing grocer has embraced web 2.0 with a little hand from Stormhoek, and is giving away wine.

Checkers, with over 120 stores in South Africa’s more affluent suburbs, first pioneered the people-friendly service of a wine route in a store. By selecting half a dozen of the better small vineyard wineries in each of the top 10 wine-tourism destinations, Checkers brought the opportunity to explore South Africa’s wine terroir to the wine drinker’s home turf.

Now with Stormhoek, they are helping Facebook to increase its penetration in the South Africa with an on-shelf promotion, on Stormhoek wines, incentivising Facebook memberships with a chance of free wine for a year as well as weekly Stormhoek prizes. You can only win if you’re a Facebook member. If you’re from the the pre-Facebook generation, the entry form shows you how to become a member.

( If you are outside of SA, join our Facebook group for news on any promotions or offers in your country)

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  1. Ah. Nicely done!

  2. Dawne Johnson


  3. Esna Müller

    I am definitely a wine lover. Can’t wait to try out Stormhoek’s wines.

  4. Sally-Ann

    very good!

  5. Do you know of many wineries on Facebook? I know of hundreds on MySpace which seems like an emerging 2008 trend.

  6. florence


  7. ebenezer ilumokae

    sir i will like to be one of member of facebook

  8. mery john

    looking for hero

  9. hay y

    love looking for love

  10. wayne gilligan

    loving your pinotage,feel free to send an invite for facebook group

  11. Gyimah G

    I want somebody to share ideas with.

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